About Us


     Uzhavar (Farmer) Angadi (Shop) is the Brain Child of our  fouder. The Salient features of Uzhavar Angadi are to promote the Agricultural Producers  of the Rural Poor Farmers (Marginal Farmers & Sub Marginal Farmers) so as to enable them to fetch a better price than the existing market rate for the day.

     We are procuring Organic Vegetables to the maximum extend and effort possible from in an around Tiruvannamalai Town giving them (Farmer) a premium price and at the same time ensuring end-users (Customers) to lay hands on quality and pesticides free (maximum)healthy vegetables for a better price and to build healthy society.

     Initially Uzhavar  Angadi was started to promote only vegetables in the Initial years  and seeing the over helming support we received from the general public we included the Lost Traditional Glory of the Power of Minor Millets (Barnyard Millet – In Classical Tamil language it is “Kuthiraivaali”,  Little Millet – In Classical Tamil Language it is Samai, Foxtail Millet – in Classical Tamil Language it is Tenai,  Kodo Millet – In Classical Tamil Language it is Varagu and Proso Millet – In Classical Tamil Language it is “Pani Varagu”) and all other millet.



     We are having nearly 1500 farmers whose cultivating vegetable , Paddy, Tapicoa, Millets  and greens.  We would like to produce vegetable by using with minimum fertilizer and pesticide  Mosly we recommened and use organice fertilizer and herbal pesticides.  In future, we  will produce 100% organic vegetable , paddy and all Millets.  We are strongly working in the  area of Thandrampattu block, Kilpennathur Block and Arni Block of TIRUVANNAMALAI DISTRICT.



     It is believed that we the people of Tamil Nadu, India were consuming originally only Minor Millets (which consumes lesser water than the converted modern staple food of Tamil Nadu which is Rice Crop which consumes heavy intake of water – technically water logging and water loving crop). After the so called Green Revolution this change has happened. The CHANGE that literally brought the ancient wisdom of our forefathers of Tamil Nadu State to a grinding HALT.  People started to apply external inputs in the name of Cursed Chemical Fertilizers in the place of No or Low External Input agriculture which our forefathers followed. This CHANGE not only gave access to use Chemical Fertilizers, but, because of heavy dumping of Chemical Fertilizers, rice crop lodged for the First time, with attractive broad green leaves – inviting Pests to attack the crop, which again paved way to the use of Dangerous Chemical Fungicides and Insecticides which NOT only killed the harming pests but also killed innocent farmer friendly insects like the beautiful Lady Bird Beetles, Spiders, Millipedes, Centipedes and the greatest of all – the soft and silky Earthworm which is GOD MADE to pulverize the mother soil and as the same time improve the aeration of the soil and its Excreta Vermi Compost – all made Extinct.

     This modern Change has gone to the extent of polluting INNOCENT Mother’s Milk, as it made the lovely young babies drinking POISONOUS Pesticide which is present in their Mother’s Milk. Adding fuel to fire, this Change had brought the LIFE Expectancy of Common Indian Population to a pathetic LOW.

     We at Uzhavar (Farmer) Angadi (Shop) are committed to re – establish the LOST GLORY. “Well that is the main reason for us to market Minor Millets in a very big way” We honestly believe, that one small step of ours in selling Minor Millets again to the forgotten people, will make a GIANT LEAP to Safe Mankind of Spritual Mother India (East) and abroad (West).Thirdly, We have gone one step forward to market Minor millets in the form of Cookies which is very easy to consume by small kids and the grown up individuals.

     Fourthly we introduced the natural substitute for 1. Chemical White Sugar (referred as one of the White Poisons the others being 2. Cow”s Milk, 3. Tapioca Powder (Sago – in Classical Tamil Language referred as “Maidha”, 4. Powdered Chemical (Iodine) mixed SALT by selling Natural Chem Sugar Candy, original Brown Sugar (Pura Sarkarai in Classical Tamil Language

     For the sake of this adulteration, we plan to remove this chemical , we started “ UZHAVAR ANGAADI “.